PlayBox HD – A MovieBox Alternative

We are living in a modern age where there is an application for every need, If you want a taxi you have uber or you can even do transactions worth millions using specific applications. The scenario is totally changing everyday, Everyday a developer creates a new application which may create a sensation or a huge failure but in some fields there is no word of doom or failure for application and one such field is entertainment or video streaming. We tied ourselves looking at the cat videos all day on youtube or Vimeo and Sometimes we need to pay apps like netflix or HBO GO to watch content on the go.

To solve problems like that some developers created MovieBox which attracted a number of users eventually it became the most popular application in the market although the application isn’t available on App Store as Apple is strictly against piracy. You got my point, MovieBox streams video content which is normally can be watched by paying subscription fees for services and MovieBox made a point. MovieBox entered the market and created sensations which led other developers to make more applications like MovieBox but better than that.

MovieBox alternative,PlayBox HD

Every application has its own strengths and weakness, MovieBox although has an amazing user interface still lacks some features which made users unhappy and look for an alternative. At the some developers introduced “PlayBox HD“. At first everyone saw it as a normal application and never thought that it would become a MovieBox alternative. PlayBox hd was superior to MovieBox in many features and added some extra features too which made many people switch from MovieBox to PlayBox HD.

MovieBox & PlayBox HD features

As we mentioned above both the applications have similar features but PlayBox HD leads in many aspects which made it one of the most downloaded applications of all time despite they are not available on App Store. Both the applications were jailbreak tweaks at first later extended support to both Android and Non-Jailbroken devices. Lets have a look at where PlayBox HD wins over MovieBox.

  1. You can watch and also download almost all the shows & Movies available via the application.
  2. PlayBox HD has added chromecast and screencast support.
  3. If you are having trouble understanding the audio, the application has subtitle support too.
  4. The best part of the application is you can restrict your kids watching adult content within the application.
  5. It can stream content seamlessly on both Wifi/3G/4G.

Alternatives to MovieBox and PlayBox HD

As you all know that you can download Playbox  app and MovieBox app on your iOS & android devices. Still some people are in search of MovieBox and PlayBox HD alternatives, so we thought of listing some of them below.

  • Popcorn Time
  • Cartoon HD
  • Netflix
  • HULU Plus

PopCorn Time :-  PopCorn Time was developed keeping in mind that people don’t need to pay for content you like to watch. It is an open source project developed as an alternative to NetFlix & Hulu which are subscription based services. It soon stared gaining popularity for its super simple UI and tons of features. You can watch anything you want, You name it and it is already available on PopCorn TV ready for you to watch it on the go.

Cartoon HD :- If you are a cartoon lover and want to watch cartoons all the time then Cartoon HD is for you. The developer of the application himself is a huge cartoon lover and found that they aren’t available under one roof which made the developer to make the application. Cartoon HD turned out to be one of the most installed application and it got huge respone from cartoon lovers. Almost all cartoon series are available via the application.

Netflix & HULU Plus :- Netflix & Hulu Plus don’t need an introduction. They are the giants who are popular subscription media which millions of people are using. People who can’t afford them are looking forward to download playbox HD apk or MovieBox App.

Hope we helped you to get a clear idea on How PlayBox HD is a MovieBox Alternative and also covered some famous alternatives for the applications too. If you have any queries or tips you can contact us.